Fireworks Game Changer Review

Fireworks Game Changer Review: RTP 96.10% (Realistic Gaming)

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You must be wondering about the Fireworks Game Changer review before playing it. A sequel to Realistic’s earlier release Funsize Fireworks is being released, this time in a Game Changer edition with a bonus function. 

As we’ve seen Game Changer introduced to slots like Bar X or Hot Cross Bunnies, Realistic has been doing it for a few of their games. 

They frequently reuse the images from earlier games to release new material, which may be profitable for them even though choosing to have a slot machine look that is five years old is usually not the ideal option.

Summary of Fireworks Game Changer Review

With 5 reels and 20 lines, Fireworks: Game Changer offers the player a setting that can produce wins up to 20,000 times the wager. 

Although the developer states that this game only carries a moderate risk, we wouldn’t blame you if it struck you as having significant volatility. RTP is set at 96.10%, and the Game Changer bonus and wild symbols are our main features.

1. Wagering Options

The betting system’s entire range is fairly restricted. The top limit is $5, and the beginning point is set at $0.05. In Fireworks: Game Changer, the rewards appear to be excellent, or at least they have a lot of promise. 

A single combination of wild symbols has the potential to pay up to 1,000 times the stake for the round, and if you fill the reels with them, you might win up to 20,000 times the stake. This jackpot might be worth up to $100,000.

But being paid well here won’t be simple, and from my previous experience, winning will be challenging. Even the lowest value combos are challenging to complete because blocker symbols frequently appear on the reels. Nevertheless, it is touted as having a 96.10% RTP and a game with modest volatility.

2. Game Features

Your preferred symbol will be the Wild Fireworks Rocket, which also serves as the top jackpot symbol. If possible, you want it to build its own combos, but even if not, it can still be valuable by taking the place of a smaller win.

The blocker symbols, which are those with stars and are essentially used as blank spaces in the game that don’t pay anything, are quite important. 

They appear frequently enough to make this a high volatility game for me. When, on a given spin, the middle symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4 are blockers and all other symbols are regular symbols in a setting akin to a board game, the Game Changer is activated.

Game Changer is a bonus game that advances you by using a random dice toss. According to the values indicated in the paytable, the triggering symbols are used on the board to create a Multiplier Trail (1x to 5x the bet).

How many spaces you advance on the board depends on the outcome of the dice. It can either be a good (safe) position for landing or a bad spot, depending on the location. The number on it decreases by 1 every time you land in a safe location until it hits 0, at which point it is no longer safe for you.

Additionally, there is the Multiplier Trail, which pays you when you land on board icons. The Trail’s leftmost symbol is dropped, and that one is shifted to the right side. A multiplier is possible if you get many similar symbols in a row; it can go up to a maximum of 10x.

3. Theme and Design

Here, the majority of the artwork is the Fireworks design, which is now five years old. Even when it was originally released, it wasn’t modern, but now it just appears outdated. 

Your wild symbol is the Fireworks Rocket, while the other symbols on the reels include fortunate 7s, gold bars, money, diamonds, three different kinds of gemstones, and several board game-related icons. Unuseful symbols that are only there to irritate you are blocker Stars, of course.

Final Words

Overall of Fireworks Game Changer review from slot gacor malam ini, it wasn’t a game that we enjoyed playing. Wins didn’t come easily, and it takes more effort to activate the function. Once you understand it, it’s too difficult, and you’ll want to start over after reading a few pages of rules and explanations. 

Obviously, you don’t need to comprehend the bonus game to play through it because everything happens automatically, but it’s still unnecessary to further complicate a game that is meant to be enjoyable.

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